Systems & Accreditations

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  • 6 years ago

Operating in a sector where compliance is a very necessary component of an operation, Transcon seeks to ensure that our systems and accreditations exceed the most stringent of tests, and utilise a raft of internal and external resource to constantly keep on top of this.

We have a heavy focus on health & safety, starting from the very uniforming of our team to the configuration of our fleet, all bound together by Transcon’s own health & safety system.  To ensure our team are getting the best in vehicle training we also utilise the services of the Auckland-based Road & Traffic Education Centre (

Due to our considerable involvement with both import and export cargo we’re proud to have the following MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) accreditations:

–  MPI-approved transitional facility for the storage and unloading of import containers

–  MPI-approved food safety regulated control scheme (RCS) for the transport of export animal-derived products

Of course technology also plays a major part in making things happen, and we rely on a suite of products to deliver our customers and ourselves the best in efficiency, safety, visibility, and portability:

-  JMS ‘S4’ tablet-based job despatch system

-  International Telematics ‘ibright’ GPS fleet management system

-  Fleetio asset management system